In order to ensure a fast and correct procedure for handling complaints about the services provided, I issue in accordance with the relevant provisions of Act no. 250/2007 Coll. on consumer protection the following complaint procedure:


Article I
The right to complain about services


The client has the right to complain about any deficiencies (defects) in the services provided, including the right to eliminate them, supplement the service, or to provide a new service, a reasonable discount on the agreed price of the service or the nature of the defect to withdraw from the accommodation contract. Complaints about deficiencies in accommodation must be made to the landlord or an employee authorized by him without undue delay. The right to make a complaint expires if it has not been exercised within 6 months of the provision of the service. When making a complaint, the client shall state the exact designation of the service provided, the time when the service was provided and a description of the claimed deficiency.




Article II
Liability of the landlord


The complaint is handled by the accommodation provider or an employee authorized by him, who is obliged to examine the complaint and decide on the method of its handling. If the client files a complaint, the landlord, employee or designated person is obliged to inform the client about his rights, based on the client’s decision, which of these rights, he is obliged to determine the method of handling the complaint immediately, in difficult cases no later than 3 working days from complaint, in justified cases, especially if a complex technical assessment of the state of the service is required, no later than 30 days from the date of the complaint. After determining the method of handling the complaint, the complaint will be settled immediately; in justified cases, the complaint can be settled later; however, the settlement of the complaint may not take longer than 30 days from the date of the complaint. After the expiration of the period for handling the complaint, the client has the right to withdraw from the contract or has the right to exchange the service for another service.
The landlord is obliged to issue a confirmation to the client when making a complaint. If the complaint is made by means of long-distance communication, the landlord is obliged to deliver the confirmation of the complaint to the client immediately; if it is not possible to deliver the confirmation immediately, it must be delivered without undue delay, but no later than together with the proof of the complaint; The confirmation of the claim need not be delivered if the client has the opportunity to prove the claim in another way.
The landlord is obliged to issue a written document on the handling of the complaint no later than 30 days from the date of the complaint.
The landlord is obliged to keep records of complaints and submit it at the request of the supervisory authority for inspection. The record of the complaint must contain data on the date of the complaint, the date and method of handling the complaint and the serial number of the document on the complaint.
Complaint handling means the termination of the complaint procedure by eliminating the claimed lack of service, supplementing the service, substitute provision of a new service, payment of a reasonable discount on the service price, return of the service price, written request to take over the performance or reasoned rejection.
If the client is not satisfied with the handling of the complaint, he can exercise his right in court.


Article III
Remediable defects of the provided service


In the case of a defect that can be eliminated, the client may request the elimination of the defect, the addition of what is missing in the service, the replacement provision of a new service or a reasonable discount from the agreed price of the service.


Article III
Irreparable defects of the provided service


If a defect (usually of a technical nature) occurs during accommodation in the room assigned to the client, which cannot be eliminated and which prevents the client from being accommodated or seriously prevents him from being accommodated properly, the accommodation facility cannot provide the client with other alternative accommodation.
for a reasonable discount on the price of the service if the client insists on accommodation
for withdrawal of the contract and for a refund, if it has already been paid.


Article IV.
The client’s cooperation in handling complaints


The client is obliged to provide the accommodation provider with the cooperation necessary to handle the complaint, in particular by providing true information regarding the service provided. If required by the nature of the complaint, the client will allow the landlord access to the space provided to him so that he can make sure that the complaint is justified.

The complaint procedure is valid from 01/01/2016

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